It Keeps Coming Back

While riding up the street one day. Written in red across the gate. It said, “It keeps coming back.” My initial thought was who or what keeps coming back. Well that’s weird and creepy. The child in me said, like Pennywise. I knew at that moment I was creeped out. I Know it was just a movie, and IT isn’t real right? But, I couldn’t help but to laugh and wonder. I got so use to it being there on the gate ,that I barely looked to see if it was there. Till one day I peeked, and it was gone where did it go. Will it ever come back ,I don’t think that it would…..and if it keeps coming back why is it taking so long to return.

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Saving My Tears

I save my tears for at home.

I save my tears for when I’m alone.

I save my tears for the bathroom stalls.

Sometimes I can’t save my tears ,they just fall.

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Becoming Friends With Borrow Me Susie

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I met Susie on the first floor of my apartment building. Susie was sweet, funny and a lot more. Susie was what I would call a ultra borrower. The things she borrowed didn’t come from a store. They came from my house as she search frig and sat on my couch. Susie ask for cheese and lettuce all sorts of things. Her kids even came to borrow things to. Yeah, Susie borrowed meals and some of my time. She also knew how to love and have a good time , I think she need a friend and so did I. I think about Susie from time to time . I wonder where Susie is now.

In a Willow of Dream

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In a willow of dreams you see.

New dreams, of things that will be.

Ambitions of hitting all my goals you see.

Old dreams, of things that use to be.

Letting go of the incomplete ,the could be’s

the if’s, and the maybe’s.

Sitting in a willow of dreams, made for me.

Just a Few Old Great Movies

Picture by pexels

1.The Music Man 1962 with Jerry Lewis (Comedy, Musical Romance)

2.Seven Brides and Seven Brothers 1954 with Jane Powell (Romance Musical)

3.Seven Year Itch 1955 with Marilyn Monroe (Romantic, Comedy)

4.Sabrina 1954 with Audrey Hepburn (Comedy, Drama)

5.The Nutty Professor 1963 with Jerry Lewis (Science Fiction, Romance)

6.The Birds 1963 with Tippi Hedren (Drama, Mystery)

7.Carousel 1953 with Gordon MacRae (Fantasy, Romance)

8.Sorry Wrong Number 1948 with Barbara Stanwyck (Drama, Romance)

9.Oklahoma 1955 with Shirley Jones (Action, Romance)

10.The Ladies Man 1961 with Jerry Lewis (Comedy)

11.My Fair Lady 1964 with Audrey Hepburn (Comedy, Musical, Drama)

Oh Spring Allergies

I want to smell the flowers, roses, lilies, and daisies. Roll through the grass just a little bit maybe. Blow through a field of dandelions with all my wishes. Touch them all without itching and twitching. I know March is here, and April brings showers, but I still wish for May’s beautiful flowers.

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