I Could Just Cry Movies

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1.A Walk to Remember 2002 (Romance, Drama) with Manny Moore and Shane West.

2.Set It Off 1996 (Crime, Romance) with Jada Pinkett-Smith ,Queen Latifah, Vivica .A .Fox, Kimberly Elise

3.Hachi 2009 (Family, Drama) with Richard Gere

4.Seven Pounds 2008 ( Romance, Drama) with Will Smith

5.The Notebook 2004 (Romance, Drama) with Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

Just a Few Old Great Movies

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1.The Music Man 1962 with Jerry Lewis (Comedy, Musical Romance)

2.Seven Brides and Seven Brothers 1954 with Jane Powell (Romance Musical)

3.Seven Year Itch 1955 with Marilyn Monroe (Romantic, Comedy)

4.Sabrina 1954 with Audrey Hepburn (Comedy, Drama)

5.The Nutty Professor 1963 with Jerry Lewis (Science Fiction, Romance)

6.The Birds 1963 with Tippi Hedren (Drama, Mystery)

7.Carousel 1953 with Gordon MacRae (Fantasy, Romance)

8.Sorry Wrong Number 1948 with Barbara Stanwyck (Drama, Romance)

9.Oklahoma 1955 with Shirley Jones (Action, Romance)

10.The Ladies Man 1961 with Jerry Lewis (Comedy)

11.My Fair Lady 1964 with Audrey Hepburn (Comedy, Musical, Drama)

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