I seen you just the other day .

you didn’t give me your name .

You tried to shield your heart .

But life played a tuff game,

and keeps breaking your heart.

Tears began to fall

,and so did your pride.

Overflowing from your eyes.

Tears rained from you ,

while I fought to keep mine inside .

What you said touched my soul .

you said ,”I’m giving up man,

I just want go .

let it all go ,they won ,I quit ,

no one cares , I won’t be missed”.

That this is it …

You apologized so many times and cried I’m sorry.

I Listened to your words.

I hear you ,I sat right by your side .

I said , don’t give up on you, on life, don’t let them win.

Do not let the beautifulness of life escape you.

You matter ,you are not invisible I see you .

I see you with my eyes ..

I hope and pray you don’t fade away

and I see you on different day

you beautiful stranger.

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