More than halfway there

I know I lost a bit of me giving you all my love to you.

pouring now from a empty cup it has evaporated, it’s dry.

Now it’s raining and I’m coming to get what’s mine.

Dreaming in Peace

from pixels

You ever find yourself dreaming with your eyes open?You may have expressed it out loud, to a friend or two.Then here comes a meter shower, of some ones negative words or fears…trying to discourage you

put your dreams on do not distrub



It wasn’t a good night for me at all . I just couldn’t sleep; it was so quiet, too silent for me. I sat there for awhile, thinking I would just doze back off. But it didn’t happen for me. I decided to wake my sister and found. A purse and pillow instead….She had snuck out and left me with the monsters under my bed.

Gentle Giant

Stand strong gentle giant

I don’t know how many of us are left

stand strong gentle giant

your loved thanks for doing your best

Just a Day Dream

by pexels

Today wasn’t a normal day because I woke up feeling alone. I knew today felt different but ,today had a undertone. As I began on my adventure.I felt a sense of fear. I stood stuck in fear in thee in between. Where they can’t see me. Why ,because they can’t seep in. The fear I can feel it. Thee unknowing it keeps me here. It’s knows me by name . I look around ,but I can’t see it anywhere. How can you fear something that’s not there. Something you can’t see , but it feels so scary … caught in a senseless day dream


For the love of basketball

from pexels

I Remember as a kid loving basketball. I would sit in front of the television watching the Bulls. I knew a lot about basketball and all it took to win. I used to love watching with friends and family. We would eat, scream, and cheer, all for the love of the game. The Bulls would win and the city would celebrate in their own way. On our street people would ride in their cars screaming they won. Playing music and hanging out….Me my way of celebrating was different since I was a kid. I would cut up small pieces of paper , in their colors of course and scream with joy. While throwing my confetti paper I made. All for the love of basketball. I miss it so at times so I peek from a distance….

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